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What is .com domain?

Once upon a time in the 1980’s, .com was one of the first six top level domains that was introduced in the internet, with each of them had one true purpose. 

These TLDs  including .com was established to help in the organization of the World Wide Web.

What does .com stand for?

The TLD .com originally derived from the word “company” but was eventually changed to “commercial” as time passes. 

What's the most used domain extension?

Today, .com is the most well-established and the most used domain on the internet.  The domain is used by organizations around the world. 

Can anyone buy .com domain extension?

Anyone can buy a .com domain name as it is the most popular domain extension as well as the most trusted and recognized on the internet. 

Is .com better than .net?

Both .com and .net have their own purpose. Buying .com is perfect for any commercial business or other website purposes while .net is best for any business especially ones in the tech sector.  

Our take, if you can’t find the best domain name in .com, .net is your best alternative.

Where can I buy .com domain names?

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