A Guide for Marketing This Coming Ramadan 2024

One of the most important months in the islamic calendar is Ramadan with over 1.9 billion muslims worldwide celebrating the holy month. During this period, you will notice a massive change in social media behavior, because this is the time where people spend more time online as 68% spend their time using social media platforms, according to a research conducted by TGM. 

If you think like a marketer, you might be having the thoughts that maybe this is the perfect time to really give in to those thoughts. Because as we adjust our working hours and slow down to an extent, we are giving ourselves the time to browse, interact and engage more. 

Businesses have an unmissable opportunity to, from one side, offer people value and, from another, drive sales during this festive season. 

But even when it sounds like a total win for all businesses, how do you get these audiences to come to your side during this period? Do you have the right advertising tactics that will be effective? Hang in there, we’ll tackle that in this article.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a month-long period of deep spiritual reflection and fasting that takes place every year, muslims around the world focus on virtuous deeds, connecting with their families, and holy celebrations. The festival this year is set to begin on March 10, 2024, the start of commemorating the Quran first being revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, a sacred moment honored with abstinence between sunrise and sunset.

Social Media Usage During Ramadan

Ramadan sees app downloads surge by 36.5%, with food and drink apps seeing strong growth in the weeks approaching the holy month. Out of all the app categories, it was analyzed that social and eCommerce sees the biggest jumps in downloads over Ramadan, with download growth of 12% and 8% respectively. 

Google searches on the other hand are mostly done on mobile during Ramadan which is 5% more than any other month. So take note, make sure your content is optimized for mobile.

Youtube, WhatsApp and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms during Ramadan, according to a research conducted by TGM. And the purpose of using these platforms is to concentrate on learning new things and sending greetings as staying connected through social media during Ramadan is the main priority of the majority. 

Ramadan also comes with an increase in spending, we can see a 20% increase in shopping shares during the period of 12am and 5am which means that these are the hours that most people are active. 

How to create a marketing strategy during Ramadan?

1. Setup Your Content Calendar

Do not even think about it twice, Ramadan alters the lifestyle of Muslims and by that we mean they alter it by involving social media and the internet more. There’s only a week left before Ramadan officially starts, prepare your content calendar and start brainstorming with your team, this way you have a schedule plan for your social media posts across all channels ahead of time. 

2. Identify Where Your Audiences Are

According to Meta Facebook, the month before Ramadan, searches and planning of large purchases such as clothing, automobiles, and jewelry increase which makes it an actual great time to plan online ads to engage and reach your customers. 

Instagram on the other hand is the place where inspiration happens, this is where people discuss topics such as fashion, iftar venues, and recipe ideas . Luxury brands will also be shining the most during the last few days of the holy month as consumers will also be looking for extravagant gifts for Eid. 

And during Ramadan, search engine advertising and sponsored ads will provide your brand with an increased reach and awareness as well as an increased possibility of sales during this time.

3. Ramadan-Related Content

Identify a theme relevant to your brand and make sure you are relating it appropriately for Ramadan. Play around with the theme you selected for your brand, and use it to engage and connect with your customers. Take note that being genuine in your content, message and the relevance of your business to your audience is the key. 

And the content isn’t just the only thing you should focus on, it shouldn’t be the only one that gets all your efforts as there are other key factors you must also consider.

Your relevant and useful content to the target audience will be more effective in the right timing. According to TGM Research, the preparation begins 3-4 weeks before Ramadan and that you should offer discounts and promotions early in the month before people start breaking their fasts each day. 

And while Ramadan is being celebrated by 1.9 billion of muslims, it is also important to know that there are also others that do not observe the holy month. Make sure that your way of marketing aligns with the values of those who celebrate it and those who do not. Devotion, charitability, compassion, patience, humility and perseverance are some of Ramadan’s values and they play an important role in the ads. 

Reflect these values in your campaigns to fully engage with consumers. Remember to also keep your tone appropriate for all ages as 53% of conversations on Facebook are going towards family-focused conversations.

So, your campaign is now live for Ramadan. Start observing it and start collecting related data to better help you assess the success of your campaigns and then later tweak or optimize it a bit on the spot just in case it’s not working well with you. And if it’s a success, save it and use it for future reference.

How to Increase Sales During Ramadan?

Digital marketing can be a powerful tool to increase sales during the holy month, you will be able to reach more of your target audience and social media pages can help you showcase your products and services to your muslim audience, not just in Dubai but beyond. 

One of the best ways to increase sales during Ramadan is to incorporate Islamic themes and symbols into your marketing initiatives. One of the symbols you can use is the crescent moon, it symbolizes the start of the holy month and can be used in your marketing materials to fully capture the spirit of Ramadan. Make it stand out, that’s the key advice. 

Offers and discounts are also the best ways to increase sales during the holy month. People love deals and promotions during this time, businesses can offer unique and attractive promotions that are sure to capture the attention of their target audience. 

In conclusion, in order to increase your sales during Ramadan, businesses need to create a marketing strategy that resonates with their muslim audience, not just by incorporating Islamic theme and symbols but by also offering exclusive deals and promotions that can capture the spirit of the holy month., 

How to prepare for increased sales during Ramadan?

Businesses during the holy month will be a lot more busy with their audiences using more of the internet, scrolling through their social media, interacting with users and making online purchases. 

For business owners, are you sure your website is ready for the increased sales that Ramadan is set to deliver to your business? As more people spend their time adding items to their carts, and checking them out to complete their purchases, can your website handle that many consumers and will be guaranteed to be up during the holy month? 

1. Fast-Loading Webpages

Make sure that your website and the pages within it are loading fast enough that will keep people from leaving, this is the first impression generally for businesses with websites. Especially during Ramadan when people make hasty decisions for quick purchases. 

2. Choose The Right Web Hosting Provider

If your website is guaranteed to be loading fast, how about the server that’s making it accessible for your consumers? Choosing the right hosting provider will make you one step ahead of the game, and will make your business attract more consumers during the holy month.

VHost currently offers a 60% discount for web hosting, this time limited offer from the web hosting company is their best deal during Ramadan and will ensure that your business websites will be up 99.9% of the time. Your digital marketing will be put to no waste with the right hosting provider, use promo code: VISION60 to avail it.

Eid Al-Fitr 2024

Eid Al-Fitr is known as the “Festival of Breaking of the Fast” and is one of the two official holidays celebrated in Islam as it marks the end of Ramadan. The festival will fall on the 9th day of April, 2024. 

And during these last weeks of the holy month, people are now going to be looking for gifts for their loved ones and making purchase decisions, with increased searches for discounts and special offers. 

This is the perfect time to share gift guides and gift ideas to help people decide on buying the presents. 

Take advantage of the “Time Limited Offers” as people will take greater interest in it. 

Eid is for spending time with your family, and celebrating the festival. People will start gathering together with their family and friends for a shared feast and exchange gifts. Interactive activities on social media will be most appreciated for a marketing strategy, send out greetings and good wishes to keep your brand top of mind. 


Ramadan is a great opportunity to connect with your Muslim audience but in order for your campaigns to perform well, you need to understand the meaning and cultural nuances behind its traditions and be respectful of them.

The holy month requires a unique blend of challenges and opportunities for brands. Implementing a holistic marketing strategy requires more than just insight, it also demands the right tools and platforms to bring your vision to life. 

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