Why .AE Domains? All Your Questions Answered.

Your domain name is known to be the foundation of any online business, it is what people usually look for when they want to learn more about your business and if you want to bring out the best impression that will kickstart the boom of your business then you have the chance to choose the right options especially when it comes to your domain names. 

Is .ae a good domain extension?

Let’s cut to the chase and answer the question “is .ae a good domain extension?” and the answer is Yes. Choosing a domain extension like .ae caters to a specific audience that shows your loyalty to the local market, if your business aims to target the people within the United Arab Emirates then .ae is the right one. 

Choosing a TLD made for a specific area is definitely recommended for businesses that are establishing their names in the industry and connect with the local customers.

This web address isn’t just a web address, this domain extension will simply determine where you stand in your industry especially for business owners that are just starting to set up their company.

Is .ae a safe domain name?

Yes, it is. Not many get to have the honor of having the .ae TLD, that’s why businesses that use it are like in an exclusive club that mainly caters to the needs of those living in the United Arab Emirates. But don’t get it wrong, this domain is growing fast and with just 300,000 .ae domains being registered compared to nearly two 1.2 billion total websites. 

.ae domain has an excellent reputation in the industry based on its extremely low fraud rating, so rest assured that this domain extension can strongly protect your data.

vHost is a leading web hosting company in United Arab Emirates that provide high quality web hosting services that support your businesses establish online presence with your domains, emails. It offers SSL certificates within its affordable hosting packages, cheap, fast and secured hosting is on the hands of vHost.

What SEO advantages does .ae have? 

Most often, search engines prioritize websites which are using country-specific domains in their respective countries’ search results. So not only you’re using a perfect domain for your target customers but also for search engines to recognize your business as a local business, this can easily make you move to the top with the right customers online. 

If you’re a local from the United Arab Emirates, you would definitely prefer working with businesses that are within your reach as it increases trustworthiness and perfectly represents cultural alignment, and working with the right business starts by searching about it online. 

But of course, if your aim is to also target a global audience aside from the people that are in the UAE – we recommend getting a second domain. 

Why .AE Domains?

The United Arab Emirates is known for having a high standard of living and advanced technology. The country implements flattering policies and regulations which makes it a perfect location for businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to establish their names in different industries and in the region. 

Simply catering to the needs of the Emirati market is a great reason to choose the .ae TLD, this can easily make your business grab attention. 

And we’re pretty sure that the most famous TLD (.com) already has a really long list of domain names registered which makes it hard to match your business name’s availability. But with .ae, there are still a lot of domain names you can choose from with this country-specific TLD.

Which is the Best Domain Registrar in UAE for .ae? 

vHost.ae is the best place to get your domain name. We’ve mastered the art of registering your domain names while we also provide high quality hosting to keep it secured and fast with a minimized downtime – we already have a long list of .ae domains that were registered in our system and it’s a clear indication that businesses within UAE are putting their trust in us. 

vhost is considered as one of the leading web hosting company that has 24 7 support, 99.9% uptime and have the most user-friendly platform for developers and businesses that wants to establish their online presence. Our hosting packages are one of the most affordable in the industry and helps businesses maximize their hosting needs.

While registration is important, It’s also crucial to pick the right domain name that perfectly fits your business niche. Should be an easy one if you want your business to be known in your industry and establish a reputation that will be lasting for a long time. 


Creating an online presence is an essential part of any businesses, can’t really deny that especially in an era of where everything is digital. This is something that entrepreneurs and business owners should fully understand, with everything being accessible via the internet, why opt out of the game? Take advantage of the current trends and make sure you’re in line with the current technologies and make sure your website is always up and running. 

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