Find Out the Benefits of Using Branded Email Address

In a few clicks people can create an email account whichever platform they choose but are businesses supposed to stick with these free and accessible email addresses when they have the option to use a branded email address that will actually put their clients and customers more at ease for communication? 

Aside from the fact that gmail is centralized, it also looks a bit less professional. 

In case you haven’t noticed, more businesses are choosing to have a branded email address to communicate with their clients and customers as it gives them authority and helps them close deals more often. 

What is a Branded Email Address?

A branded email address is simply an email address that isn’t registered within the free mailing system like Gmail and Yahoo, a branded email address instead has your company’s name on it.

Branded email addresses can build brand recognition which makes it a better choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses are also recommended to use a branded email address as this will help their businesses grow in the most organic way. Though the ones that don’t have it right now might still not be aware of the benefits that a branded email address brings to businesses and their reputation.

Things You Will Simply NOT Get from Free Email

Better Branding

Isn’t it easy to remember businesses if they’re using their business name in the email address for communication? It retains in everyone’s head and establishes the brand’s name in the industry and the market. Some people think having just a website is enough or simply just putting their brand name out there will bring them the maximize result that they need but that is not simply how it works especially in industries that are highly competitive.

Better Results

With the amount of emails being sent out in the internet, your email marketing initiatives might just get lost and never to be seen forever by the targeted user. Having your own branded email can help big time with your email marketing, if ever you’re doing it. Sending out promotional emails using the free email can easily bring your messages to the spam section, not only you’re wasting the time and effort but you’re also not going to have the decent reputation in terms of marketing.

Less Distraction

Your email address is tied to your company’s name for the long term so using “” or “” will help no one’s reputation but those companies. But with a branded email, one glance of your company’s name and they will be motivated to read your delivered message as it simply brings relief to the consumers.

Build Authority

The thing is, your customers are probably using free email just like everyone else on the internet and if your business is using the same type of email account as them then what actually makes you different from the rest? With a branded email address, you’re not just creating a unique identity but you are also building authority, you will have the power of trust from consumers that you are a legitimate provider.

Why Entrepreneurs Need Branded Email Addresses 

1. Simplicity 

Oftentimes, the email name that you want is not available or is already taken in generic email providers which takes away your brand’s unique identity. But with your own custom email, a simple name address is easy and is often possible.

2. Security

It’s not being talked about often but the security that comes with having your own branded email address is just as important as getting a unique branded email address because it protects your business from scammers that might use your business email name to spoil your business and taint your reputation.

3. Business Consistency 

Using a branded email address will allow you to take your email with you even when you decide to switch hosting providers. This type of consistency not only brings you convenience but will also not impact the way you’re viewed within your desired industry. 

4. It Saves Time

Handling both your website and your email in the same space gives you the convenience of running your business at your own pace. Controlling both in the same control panel is the most convenient way to do it, especially when you’re doing a lot of things to run your business.

5. Your Staff Can Become Brand Ambassadors

If you have more than 2 employees, free emails won’t cut it for you as they’re limited to one user per email account. But with branded email accounts, you can create and manage unlimited email accounts with ease. 

How to get Branded Email Address

You will need to find a web hosting provider that you trust, a provider that ticks all the boxes that you need, top web hosting companies are a2hosting, vHost, and godaddy

With its unwavering commitment excellence ot excellence, vhost is considered the leading web hosting company that proves high quality hosting services for businesses and individuals that wants to establish their online presence with the use of their domains and emails. vHost is cheap, lightning fast and affordable.

Web hosting providers will then give you the access to the control panel that allows you to control both your website and your business emails. Although you can create a branded email address through your web hosting, an email client is still needed in the scene, some examples are Mac Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook.