Buying A Domain Name (A Simple Guide)

Let’s say you want to start a blog site or you want to start a business and you need a place to  put out your products online. You will need a domain name for it, and being unique doesn’t mean it’s available for buying. 

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a translated structure of IP addresses, the numbers that determine the website’s location. It’s like GPS coordinates, except the letters are the only ones you need to track a website and lets you view it in real time, the server then grabs the data for that website and delivers it to the browser.

DNS or Domain Name System is the one responsible for translating these numbers into letters and these letters are called “Domain Names”. 

Types of Domains 

Second-Level Domains (SLDs)

Second-level domains or SLDs are simply the unique names of the websites, these are the ones that you choose before choosing an extension like “.com” “.net” and etc.

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

Also called “Domain extensions”, these are the names that come beside your chosen domain name after the dot. 

The most popular TLDs are: 

.com – which is short for “commercial” and this was the first TLD launched, it is the most popular for businesses and commercial uses. 

.net – short of “network” and is meant for tech organizations but then became another common option for any type of business. 

.edu – a TLD created for colleges, universities and other education institutions. 

.gov – a TLD strictly created for U.S government agency use

.mil – “military” in short and was developed solely for use by branches of the military in the U.S

Other TLDs are created for dedicated countries, for example “.ae” for United Arab Emirates (UAE), and many others that can also be related to your niche. Prices of these TLDs are different most of the time, and it can impact someone’s decision when purchasing a domain name. 

Domain Names Price

When you buy a domain from a domain registrar, it usually comes with a multi-year registration and you are alerted by the domain registrar when the initial period finishes. 

Domain names purchased via vHost are priced based on the type of TLDs or domain extensions you choose. 

How To Choose A Domain Name

When buying a domain, whether it be for your personal use or for the online presence of  your business. It is important to know that you’re making the right steps and you’re taking the right measures. So here’s what you need to know when you buy a domain, purchase a domain with these things in mind. 

1. Choose A Domain Name You Like

First rule, don’t rush into buying a domain. 

While It’s understandable that there are situations that might push you into buying domains as soon as possible, choosing the right domain should at least be given some time to think it through. 

If you want to keep a domain thriving in this era we’re currently in, you should definitely start it off at the right foot and choosing the best domain name is the very first thing you have to consider. The thing is, you will spend money with your domain name and you will need to keep your money worth. 

Make sure that you like your domain name, don’t just go with the flow and choose the domain name that other people like. 

2. Think Long Term

I know you want to choose a domain with a name that is trending in our current generation but if you’re going to build a website that you want to grow over the years then you might wanna consider choosing a name that can withstand the passage of time. 

Of course it doesn’t have to be really formal, just choose the name that is gen-z coded. 

3. Check the Domain Name’s Reputation 

Checking google for a domain name you’re going to buy can save you problems, you don’t wanna buy a domain name with a bad reputation on search engines right? A quick research about your desired domain won’t hurt.  

Also don’t forget to check for trademarks, make sure that it’s not too similar with your competitors name or someone else’s domain name. This step can save you from legal troubles later. 

4. Choose A Popular Extension

“.com” is definitely the deal breaker for most people that want to buy a domain, so if you want to purchase one then you must check if the popular extension is available for your domain name. Believe it or not, some domain extensions actually raise a few eyebrows and “.com” is the domain extension that is what people think is the most credible. 

5. Web Hosting

Let’s say you’ve done your due diligence, you followed all the steps above and you’ve found the right domain name.

It’s time to choose the web hosting site to buy your domain, while most web hosting sites offer domain registrars It’s still important to make sure that the one you are already choosing or already have chosen for web hosting does offer domain registration. 

Buying a domain different from your current web hosting is simply a hassle and you don’t wanna go through all the hassle, right? 

6. Data Protection

Now this is just a prevention, in case you’re not using the right web hosting company. Choose the web hosting company that also protects your data and treats it as their main priority, not to scare you but some domain registrars sell your private information and not doing your due diligence before choosing the right web hosting site and domain registrar can lead to bigger problems in the future. 

Choosing a reliable and trusted domain registrar should not be taken lightly as this will be the start of your online journey. 

7. Customer Support 

Buying a domain can take a lot of time, and just in case a buyer encounters a problem when setting up their own domain, it is important to have someone to contact with and make sure that you are given solutions real-time. 

Choose web hosting companies or domain registrars that have a good reputation when it comes to customer support, it could save you a lot of trouble. 

There are a lot of things to consider when someone decides to buy a domain name, from choosing a great name to buying it from a reliable domain registrar. But, if you already have a web hosting company that offers a domain registrar and is also offering cheap prices then you’re definitely on the right track. 

What To Do After Buying A Domain 

After going through all that process of buying a name, there are a few things you just have to do before starting your online journey with your website. 

Make sure to write down your login information for the domain registrar of your choice. This is important because this is your way to access your domain and renew your domain registration. And knowing when your domain will expire is the best way to prevent it from completely going inactive, because once you fail to renew your registration, you are now opening your domain door to cybersquatters that can steal your domain. 

vHost offers a 2-year domain registration to have a long term active domain.